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Our Team.

Our team has a passion for crafting visually stunning and unforgettable videos. We offer the entire production experience, including conceptualizing, storyboarding, filming, editing, motion graphics, animation and visual effects. 

Alex Luster

Alex Luster


Alex’s passion for visual storytelling started in the late 80’s when he discovered his first film camera in a fast food kids’ meal. He moved on to a video camera and improved his craft working for Houston's top English- and Spanish-language television networks. 


He started his career as an editor in Telemundo’s Houston newsroom. He later produced and edited promos and short-form content for Fox 26’s Creative Services department. In 2005, Alex created, produced and directed an Emmy-award-winning and Imagen-award-nominated Spanish-language program, Volumen, for Azteca America. In 2011, he directed a feature length documentary, Stick ‘Em Up!, which screened to a sold out River Oaks theater and multiple screenings at MFAH. He served as the managing editor of a weekly, nationally-televised program for ABC Television. 

Liz Employee Portraits-158.jpg

Lizbeth Ortiz

Administrative Assistant

Born in Mexico City, raised in Houston, and thrust into adulthood in New York City, she had no choice but to embrace the fact that she was an artist. Currently she follows her creative heart curating art exhibitions and plotting to reclaim a sense of sanity through art.

Courtney Employee Portraits_092.jpeg

Courtney Sandifer


Courtney’s passion for storytelling started when she was an adolescent, writing essays, learning photography and working on the school yearbook. In college, she reported for her hometown paper while studying human development. She had no plans to pursue video as a career, but it turns out all of her skills combined to make one people-savvy, creative documentarian. She’s dedicated much of the past 12 years to filmmaking, and absolutely loves helping people tell their stories through work at The Storyhive. Courtney can direct and produce anything from a high-energy horror flick to a heartfelt testimonial.

Laura Employee Portraits-049.jpg

Laura Castro


Laura Castro’s older brother introduced her to the skills of editing at the age of 12 after she took an interest in making her own YouTube videos. She quickly transitioned from Windows Movie Maker to Adobe Premiere Pro and went on to serve as the head editor of her high school’s weekly news show. She continued her film studies in college and after graduating partnered with her brother’s video production company. She joined The Storyhive in 2022 to help the team continue to create worthwhile stories.

TSH Tour 4-2022-10-3.jpg


Security Officer

Arnulfo is one of The Storyhive's longest-serving team members. He is essential for standing in and watching over the Hive. 

Jena Employee Portraits-125.jpg

Jena Moreno


Jena Moreno traces her lifelong passion for storytelling to grade school when she was commissioned to write stories by her fourth-grade classmates. Jena went on to a career in journalism, working as a business reporter for several Texas newspapers and the Washington Post. Her videos that accompanied news stories were recognized by SABEW and PR Daily while her articles won awards from the Texas Headliners Foundation, Associated Press Managing Editors and Hearst, among others.

Eric Employee Portraits-077-2.jpg

Eric Hutchison

Production Manager

There’s something about pushing red buttons that Eric has always found satisfying.  Maybe it started with the NES he received on Christmas morning in 19-eighty somethin’… maybe it was taking the safety off of his BB gun before putting countless holes into an innocent Dr Pepper can… or rushing to push record on the cassette deck when Enter Sandman came on.


Or just maybe... It was when his dad put an 8mm camcorder in his hand and said “push the red button before I hit this golf ball.”


Whatever it was, he somehow found a way to make a career from pushing a red button.

Joe Employee Portraits-096.jpg

Joe Long


After hatching from an egg in the dark recesses of a cave, Joe Long slithered his way towards the bright city lights of Houston to pursue a career in the film industry, not realizing California was in the other direction. His passions include writing, directing, editing…and summoning Sheila the lizard Goddess through the magic of the dark arts. But what else would you expect from an immortal reptilian warlock?

Jarod Employee Portraits-72.jpeg

Jared Huff


Once he volunteered for his high school’s film crew, Jared Huff got sucked into the world of video production. Throughout the years, whether it was filming sporting events or making silly videos with his friends, Jared has always preferred being behind the lens.  He’s either holding a camera or a video game controller, or occasionally some golf club he has not learned how to swing correctly. 

Tom Employee Portraits-098.jpg

Tom Gandy


Tom Gandy knew he wanted to be behind the camera at age seven during a field trip to a Philadelphia area television station. He had just seen the first Star Wars film and was studying how cinematic sound and visual effects were made. All of that research helped him in his 20-year-long career of creating television news, corporate commercials and documentary films. His work has been recognized with a silver Telly, Addy certificate of excellence and Houston AMA Crystal Award.

Michelle Employee Portraits-144.jpg

Michelle Eulene

Senior Producer

Michelle fell in love with photography when she was an 8-years-old playing with a Suzy Snapshot doll that moved every time she clicked the doll’s camera. Being able to capture moments and memories in time drew her into the creative world of production. Fast forward to today, her inquisitive and curious nature played a major role as she headed into photojournalism,  lifestyle television, and dare say - a few reality TV shows. When not grilling folks on camera or watching video edits, she likes to get lost in traveling, trying new foods, and figuring out how to burn calories … from the new foods.


Callum Hattingh

Motion Graphics Artist

Callum is a South African born Texan who grew up in an extended family of industry professionals, Directors, DoP’s, Producers, Editors, and VFX artists, so naturally he was a runner on set at 6! Pre, Production, and Post are all his playgrounds and he likes to play hard! Callum started in post at the ripe age of 14, learning Lightwave, Photoshop, Avid, and Flame. After serving his country and county, he moved back to Houston and started developing his production skills. Callum has since become one of the few DIT’s in Houston working with brands like Adidas, Nike, Disney, and ABC, and working on music videos and concerts for 21 Savage and Travis Scott. He has done motion graphics work for Lifetime as well as massive 3d projects for celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg. Callum has become a Swiss Army knife for all his clients' production, post-production, and VFX needs! 

Tyler Employee Portraits - 25.jpeg

Tyler Marcotte


Being exposed to the world of production and seeing behind the scenes at a young age made picking a career path extremely easy. Tyler followed in his dad's footsteps and pursued a professional career in production. After a short stint in-front of the camera and as a radio host at his College stations, he transitioned to the other end of the lens and moved from the Motor City to the Lone Star State. He claims to enjoy the Houston winters because "it reminds him of a midwest summer”, but he is just as cold as you are and is trying to convince himself that he hasn’t gone soft.

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