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The Storyhive is centrally located in Houston's East End, just one mile from downtown. 

We are renting out our 10,000-square-foot insulated and air conditioned studio. It's a wide open space with plenty of room for almost any size project. We recently remodeled this former warehouse, adding a bright white corner cyc wall measuring 48' x 34' x 16'. It also comes equipped with an 18-foot tall powered garage door, new roof, insulated walls, new electrical (6x 20 amp/120 volt circuit breakers), two restrooms, wifi + ethernet ports with high speed fiber optic internet, concrete flooring and a Big Ass Fan. For those looking to build sets, spread out, or keep tight control of lighting, this space is perfect for your next video production. It has no windows or skylights. The only outside light that comes in is through the garage doors, if they are open. Clients can park on site or in our lot located across the street from the warehouse.


Visit 4010 Canal to see if it's the perfect facility for you.

We also offer add-ons and various services to help complete your creative vision:

  • crew for your shoot (if available)

  • a recording booth especially for audio, called the Whisperroom

  • grip gear, lighting, monitors

  • set pieces like chairs, lamps and plants

  • set flats / wall materials

  • refrigerator for catering or craft services

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