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In 2023 we’re off to the races!

This month Hivesters really hit the ground running - figuratively and literally.

Before jumping into the new stuff, let's review The Storyhive's greatest hits from the past year!

At the Hive, major improvements have been made to ensure 2023 will be a productive year.

We added a specialty space for recording audio in our Studio Bee. This new audio booth is professionally built by Whisper Room, Inc., who are experts in sound isolation technology. See the new feature in action below!

Meanwhile, in our main production studio space, we’ve added a new cyclorama (or "cyc wall") that fills an entire corner of the warehouse. It is 16 feet tall with one 48-foot wall and another 34-foot wall, totalling 82 feet of clean white backdrop.

The floor is being painted white to match, creating one of the largest white infinity cyc walls in Houston! With the recent addition of air conditioning to the former warehouse, this will be one of the “coolest” Texas filming locations very soon!

And as for literal running - January is always exciting for The Storyhive because it brings the city's largest single day sporting event back into our lives. This event was as fun as ever, and we partnered with the Houston Marathon Committee and Aramco Americas to make a series of videos.

While athletes ran 5k, 13.1 miles and 26.2 miles, Hivesters racked up 161, 745 steps themselves, covering the action. With an average of 2,000 steps per mile, we basically did three FULL marathons during the weekend! Check next month's blog to see some finished marathon vids!

We are so proud to kick off 2023 with this team and our clients who keep us buzzy. 🐝 Bee sure to let us know if you have Houston video production plans this spring. We are always ready to brainstorm and create magic with you!


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