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See what's abuzz at our future home

Neither COVID-19, nor long waits for permits, nor big bank delays could stop us from building our dream Hive.

In 2019, we bought a 15,000-square-foot warehouse located two miles east of downtown at 4010 Canal Street.

Our contractor, Texana Builders, and architect, Abel Design Group, were eager to get this project started. 

We planned on renovating the whole building by the end of 2019.

Instead, problems slowed down the project. 

After so many interruptions, construction was slated to begin in late March of 2020. Then the coronavirus hit Houston and we decided to scale back on some of the plans we had for the building because of economic uncertainties. 

We are happy to say that the renovations FINALLY started in August of 2020.

Imagine our delight when the old, rusty metal exterior of the building was removed. The entire building was reskinned with new metal. It is gray -- one of our company colors. 


Our spokes-mannequin, Arnulfo, has witnessed the construction process. He’s no dummy and has abided by safety rules by donning a Texana Builders hard hat and safety vest.

It’s fun to pick out flooring samples and plan on ordering furniture.

Since several of us live just one mile from our property, we often walk to the building to see the latest progress. We regularly stop for a cup of coffee at XELA Coffee Roasters, which is located a few blocks away. Gita’s Cafe is located across the street from our building and is sure to become a regular lunch hangout. Our contractors give it rave reviews.

We are looking forward to producing videos in our new Hive but most of all, we are looking forward to working together in one home.

We hope you can stop by when The Hive is open!


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