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The Storyhive introduces Buzz the Bee!

During COVID-19, The Storyhive has had the time to research, brainstorm and launch internal initiatives that will serve as marketing and educational tools for our clients, while keeping our creative juices flowing!


One of these initiatives is the birth of a new Storyhive character: Buzz the Bee! 


Where did Buzz come from?

During lockdown, our motion graphics artist Jeff Bayer had a vision that quickly transformed into a wonderful opportunity for the team to collaborate.

From character design, scriptwriting and storyboarding, to style frames development, 3D animation and foley sound, Buzz the Bee came to life!


Who is Buzz? 

Buzz is a curious, funny, smarty-pants bee that will embark on an adventure to master the basics of storytelling! But don’t let his sass fool you! Buzz can get warm and fuzzy, especially after a rewarding learning experience! Buzz the Bee starts his journey discovering “The Importance of Scriptwriting.” Join him to find out why the script is the seed of your story.

Stay tuned to learn more about Buzz the Bee’s quest and our storytelling process!


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