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To Infinity and Bee-yond!

For the past five years, The Storyhive has called an approximately 3,000-square-foot office home.

Actually, we called it The Hive.

When we first toured the East End space with our future landlord, it was filled with old political yard signs, Greensheet newspapers and other remnants from former tenants.

We renovated the rental space, adding a cyc wall that turned into the set of many productions.

We gave the studio character and made it work for our needs.

Local artists painted inside and outside of our building:

  • Anat Ronen painted a bees mural and Kate Mulholland added hives to the exterior -- It’s such an amazing piece of art that people still stop and take selfies in front of our building!

  • Ack! painted a mural of an editor character inside of Alex Luster’s office.

  • Shreddi painted a mural depicting the three company owners and we love the characters so much they became part of our Storyhive brand!


Our office building is also occupied by East End District and Houston Media Source, who have both been incredibly supportive of us.

Our team shot multiple game shows, puppet shows and adaptations of the Wizard of Oz and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure inside the studio.

We hosted small parties, celebrated victories, birthdays and the birth of the first Hivester baby when Editor Alden Roelant and his wife welcomed their first child into the world.