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Tour the New Storyhive

The Storyhive co-owners Alex Luster, Jena Moreno and Tom Gandy

What kind of crazy people would invest in building renovations to grow their business in the middle of a pandemic? Well, Hivesters would, and we did. Our new 15,000-square-foot building was purchased pre-pandemic, and renovations were slated to begin March of 2020. We all know how that month went.

Finally, the building began to transform. Two years later, our East End corner at Canal and Drennan Streets has become home to our thriving small video production business, complete with a huge multi-functional studio space, a smaller attached photography studio, and work space for all 14 of our full-time Hivesters.

The entrance to our building is on Drennan Street, where you will see our front door and the main garage recently adorned with a mural of Ruth Bader Ginsberg in conjunction with the Holocaust Museum of Houston. Parking is available along the street, but we also own the lot behind Gita’s Cafe across the street, so we encourage visitors to park there (and try Gita’s tacos if you get a chance).

In our bright, airy lobby, you’ll be greeted by Lizbeth and our beekeeper Arnulfo. Lizbeth, a local artist by night, a Hivester by day, keeps us all organized and the place looking fab. Arnulfo has been around a while, but doesn’t say much.

Fly around the corner and you’ll find our primary office spaces. We recently installed new desks in the bullpen style area, and this is where you will usually find co-owners Jena, Alex and Tom buzzing about, surrounded by several other busy bees.

Of course, the kitchenette is a popular spot as well. Gotta keep the honey flowing!

Walking through a couple of doors, you’ll reach our main studio space. We’ve had the floors refinished, installed a Big Ass fan, and updated lighting. This space is huge and super flexible! We can shoot everything from concerts to close-ups in here.